Toll Fraud and Other Unauthorized Activity Detection

Fueling the need for better CDR reporting

Part 1: Toll Fraud and Other Unauthorized Activity Detection

What’s Toll Fraud?

Toll fraud has been one of the oldest foes for a business or an organization, at least for as long as phones have been used. From the perspective of an organization, it’s when they are a victim of an incorrect phone bill from a service provider or their systems have been compromised by an unauthorized party, for example, to make long distance phone calls at their expense. With CDR reporting, toll fraud can be identified which can result in thousands of dollars of future cost savings, if not much more.

Alarmingly, toll fraud due to unauthorized use is a serious security threat to organizations of all sizes, particularly as the adoption of unified communications and other network-based collaboration services continues to rise. Robo-dialing, hacked IP-PBX or other communications applications, and other services (like SIP registration) or devices (like apps and soft clients) that have been compromised has resulted in billions of dollars lost, not to mention possible denials of service for organizations.

Toll Fraud Detection With CDR Reporting

Detecting toll fraud means identifying fraudulent or unusual activity as quickly as possible, and having the means to sanity check your organization’s usage against what your service provider says it is. It also means recognizing such things as:

  • Has the volume of long distance or international calls (or any for that matter) originating from your organization increased compared to previous weeks or months?
  • Are any calls occurring after hours when nobody should be in the office?
  • Which users are accounting for the highest toll charges?

The first step is ensuring you have the appropriate data for your organization for the right period of time. In the telecommunications world, this data is commonly known as Call Detail Records or “CDR” for short. CDRs can provide details for each and every call made or received by your organization.

The second step is the ability to harvest the CDR data and make sense of it in a reliable, efficient, and repeatable way. If your organization has implemented a Cisco Unified Communications/Collaboration solution (or is planning to), toll fraud detection through CDR reporting may be easier than you think.

Variphy has emerged as the industry leader for Cisco CDR reporting with a powerful, yet easy to use call analytics solution that provides the robust reporting needed to identify if your organization is or has been a victim of toll fraud.

Long distance or international call history can be easily summarized and detailed for any period of time. Grouping and other analytics options make it easy to identify which users are responsible for the highest toll charges and when it’s happening.

Variphy’s automated alerts can be configured and received for any type of call and time of day so that you can be on top of any unusual activity.

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